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What is an Internist?

Robert G. Perlmuter MD, FACP is an internist, meaning that he specializes in providing nonsurgical medical care for adolescents and adults. Internists are also called “doctors of internal medicine.” Among fellow medical professionals, they are frequently referred to “doctors” due to the fact that they are frequently called on to consult in difficult-to-diagnose cases.

What an internist is and isn't

The term “internist” is commonly, and mistakenly, associated with internship. In fact, it refers to a doctor of internal medicine. To earn this designation, the individual must spend a minimum of three years (out of seven) of medical school studying the prevention, diagnosis, and treatments of internal disease. This specific training is also what differentiates doctors of internal medicine from GPs and family practitioners.

Many internists practice as primary care providers because they are uniquely qualified to guide patients through all aspects of wellness throughout life. Dr. Perlmuter takes this commitment to a new level, offering a concierge program. This service allows him to take the time to go the extra mile, stay in contact, and help patients take control of their health.

About the American College of Physicians

Many patients inquire about the initials FACP in the doctor’s title. It is an acronym, meaning Fellow of the American College of Physicians. What does that mean to you?

  • Your doctor is a member of the world’s largest society of internists
  • Your doctor is committed to continuing education, teaching, researching, and advancing the field of medicine
  • Your doctor has demonstrated exemplary commitment to advancement through public service, authoring scientific works, continuing education, or similar activities.
  • Your doctor is ultimately dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care.
If you are looking for high quality medical care from a uniquely qualified physician, call (773) 786-9779 and ask about Dr. Perlmuter’s concierge program.

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